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Sweetness of love!

Commonly, a wedding cake is served following dinner in a wedding reception. Before serving, a cake cutting ceremony is usually held as a symbol of prosperity, longevity & long lasting relationship.

However, in modern days the wedding cakes serves as a centerpiece rather than somethings that's actually being served to the guest especially in a large wedding with over 500 to 800 guests.

Is a wedding cake a must? There's no right or wrong but it all comes down to the couple's budget and preference.

Let's have a look at some beautiful cakes collection that we have from our couples over the years.

Wedding cakes with flowers and greenery are one of the most popular designs. Pretty blooms add vibrancy to a simple cake.

Super cute custom made couple's cake topper.

A simple cake topper with fresh cream according to your wedding colour theme and flowers.

Want something much simpler? This design gives a clean and light feel to the overall look.

Go big and over the top. This will definitely gives an awe moment to your guest.

Tifanny blue with touch of laces and floral curls design.

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