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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) allows businesses large and small to make positive change. CSR helps build trust, raise awareness and encourage social change and they comes in many forms. Whether it's a charitable giving, volunteering in the community, reducing carbon foot print, etc. it makes a huge impact to the society.

Build a bike - This engaging, fun and fast-moving Team Building activity that takes the team to build a bike. All the bicycles are donated to children's home.

The room layout can have a huge impact on the engagement and learning in an event. This corporate company chose a special setup portraying a fun and casual environment during the conference. Colourful chairs, stools, sofas and bean bags are used during the event. The company have decided to donate the furnitures after the event ended, to the local charity homes.

Our company have taken this opportunity to give back to the community in the simplest way. With the consent of the couple from a wedding we have re-purpose the flowers from the wedding reception into mini bouquets and sending it off to an old folks home. In which it was Mother's day week. Perfect timing!

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